churchplanting123.com is led by two inexperienced leaders in the church planting world. We hope to help church planters achieve the churches of their dreams. Although none of our experts have led a church into the realm of thousandaire glory, the principles that we share will be sure to help others do so.

Darrell Cook

Darrell has a beautiful wife and amazing children.  He has never really pastored a church, but we’re sure you’ll trust his church planting expertise anyway.  This is also his first foray into being featured in a website.  He has in his life visited a few churches and websites, but we just didn’t want to make too big a deal about all that.

Jeff Noble

Jeff is also married to a beautiful wife and has somewhat amazing children. (That is one of the requirements of being a contributor; we have been lax on other requirements.) Jeff has experience in both websites and church planting. He has not been a success in either… yet.